Gardens’ construction

El greco gardens can undertake gardens’ construction and warranty an outstanding result. El Greco is able to undertake:

  • Tests for the soil’s suitability
  • Selection of suitable soil (in case there is not any)
  • Improvement of existent soil (if it is needed to)
  • Installation of drainage systems
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Plants and trees’ planting
  • Grass’s fitting based on the standard requirements

Gardens’ maintenance

Due to El Greco Garden’s many years of experience in gardens’ conservation, it can provide a complete conservation program for the entire garden, considering the demands or the needs of each plant, tree or grass, so that your garden will be at the best desired condition throughout the year.

Plant protection

Recently, there have been severe disease problems because of the trees, decorative plants and grass’s infection by insects and pests.

El Greco Gardens can warranty the finest treatment according to the stage of the infection of each disease. Especially about the huge problem with the palm trees, El Greco Gardens has been fighting plant pathogens achieving almost 100% success.