Garden & Landscaping design

Studies for gardens are done based on the area’s microclimate, the ground and the basic work that it is needed. This study includes:
Gardens’ architecture and study
Irrigation study
Greenery design
Financial study and bargains

Gardens’ Construction & Maintenance

El greco gardens can undertake gardens’ construction and warranty an outstanding result. El Greco is able to undertake:

  • Tests for the soil’s suitability
  • Selection of suitable soil (in case there is not any)
  • Improvement of existent soil (if it is needed to)
  • Installation of drainage systems
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Plants and trees’ planting
  • Grass’s fitting based on the standard requirements

Trees & Plants’ Trading

EL GRECO GARDEN’S many years of experience has created relationships and co – operations with the best, largest nurseries, mainly in Europe. Therefore, we are able to meet with the highest demands and needs, either in respect of small plants or bigger ones, rare or perennial (i.e. palm trees, olive trees).